About Spark


What is Spark?

Organization leaders/decision makers looking to sharpen skills/grow business and an aspiring leader looking for the tools to know where to start and/or how to get to the next level.

Spark, powered by NetVU will create a more connected community and new advocates for NetVU, Vertafore, our industry and ourselves. The development of better-informed NetVU members leads to higher effectiveness and lead our industry to the future we will build together.

We are all influencers in our own right. Join this event to develop and grow your leadership identity based on your goals and where you are now.  Become a thought leader by better utilizing the tools you have, while growing your skills.

Expect content and discussions to focus on growth, efficiency and talent today and what’s coming that we need to all be aware and prepared.  We will address your greatest challenges such as attracting and retaining qualified staff, remote work, culture, technology use, keeping up with technology, attracting new clients, efficiency, carrier connectivity, customer service, creating our own future and more.

We’ve designed this event to be a small gathering of current and future NetVU influencers … those who have shaped NetVU into what it is today and those who will carry the banner forward.

Please consider joining to develop a stronger connection with influencers in order to generate a flow of ideas that will help you grow your business, operate more efficiently, and address the talent needs that will drive your successes now and in the future.